Stop struggling with too much inspiration.

Want to refresh your space, but stuck at the basics, like picking paint colors or countertops? Let Swish Made help you simplify. Our professional designers will make recommendations on either 1) paint colors or 2) countertops for you — based on your style and space, and keep your renovation plans from stalling.


How it works



Choose your space



Pick a package



Find your style



Get professional recommendations

Choose your package



paint palettes


per room / space

  • 2 color palettes
  • customized to your space
  • hand chosen for you


counter tops


per room / space

  • 2 color/material choices
  • customized to your space
  • selected for your personal style




Over 30 years of combined experience in the design and construction industries. Let us use our knowledge and experience to create the space you've dreamed of. 


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Jordan Iverson

Jordan is a founder of SWISH as well as operating Jordan Iverson Signature Homes and JOi Real Estate. He's born and raised in Eugene, Oregon and loves the PNW. He's been in the construction and design industry since 2001 and has a life long love of all things design related. 

Outside of business, he balances spending quality time with his wife and 3 kids. He innovates continually and believes in relentless customer service with integrity. He loves photography, and in his past was even a wedding photographer. His ambition for creating is never at rest. 



After studying Public Relations at San Jose State University and receiving a graduate degree in Advertising from the University of Oregon, Jordan turned from a career in corporate advertising to the construction industry. Growing up with a father as a general contractor. He founded Kodiak Construction in 2002, specializing in residential and commercial remodeling and additions. After moving back to Eugene in 2009, Jordan closed his California company and together with his long-time friend DJ Larson, started R2S Build, providing residential and commercial building services to Lane County.


We make things simpler.

  • Are you remodeling, but you have 150+ Pinterest images to choose from?
  • Building a new home...and don't want "builder beige"?
  • Inspired from an HGTV episode, but didn't catch the brand or name of the color?
  • Maybe you have the vision, but just need help confirming the right choice for your home.
  • Are you a realtor or contractor wanting to give professional designer advice to your client to get that home sold quicker? 

Tame the inspiration overload! Professional interior design choices for the DIY homeowner. We provide the perfect paint color, counter and soon (floor choices) so you have more time to actually enjoy your space.